Migraine is neurological and vascular disorder and its center is our brains. In this sentence is hiding a lot of information when we start to break it down. Nerve’s mission is to transport messages. Each nerve has specific area to handle. Alongside of inflammation on nerver networks which are transporting pain sensation, there is also another impact which is still very widely not well known.

The Messenger and Off Balance

As said, nerver is a messenger and during the migraine attacks there is a extremely unnormal message traffic going on. Due to this feature and error in muscles which are regulating a diameter of blood vessels, the impact of each migraine attack don’t stay only on head area but goes very much elsewhere too. This is why person who gets 3-4 migraine attacks per month is in a risk zone to get also tension headaches and many other negative symptom on musculoskeletal are. Especially neck musculature, upper shoulder and facial muscles are getting a lot of impact. If migraine sufferer do not receive proper help for her on time, the “avalanche” effect start to make side problems bigger and bigger. When these problems (tensions) are getting bigger enough, they are causing a preassure to nerves which are on their area. When nerver doesn’t have a normal space, it’s ability to function is disturbed and result is more pain and wide range of symptoms depending which are we are talking about. Different parts of our body are not just alone in their own place and that’s it. As an interesting sample I want to tell you a little story which happend on this week’s Monday evening. I was treating one gentleman and I used a simple manual relief technique to treat area between his left hand’s thumb and index finger. Very promply his right foot’s hubby toe and second toe started to cramp. The same thing happend also when I briefly checked the other arm, this time of course his left foot’s first two toes started to cramp. This little story describes nicely that our body and different part of it are connected to each other with a fascinating way, they’re not out there alone.