Do you ever feel that your morning’s are from hell and totall chaos at the best? Then you rush to work or studies and feel like shit? Then at the work or your studies, you’re feeling not very energectic and productive as you’d like and you’d need to. I know how you feel, been there done that. it’s terrible!

When I was a teenage athlete, I started to run light morning exercises in the morning. Usually it was just a short 30 – 45 minutes run and stretching. It gave a great jump start for the brand new day. Many years later when my mornings were chaotic, I felt physically and emotionally bad and very much unproductive, I took a moment and look back in my life and realized that I haven’t done morning exercices for ages! Right away I started that habbit again and it felt great! Nowdays I can’t run anymore I’m afraid but I either do walk exercice or breathing exercise and cold shower session. Then I’m having a breakfast and read some book about hour or two. Usually I’m reading business related book which gives me inspiration and can boost some new ideas what to do. At the moment I’m reading book about John F. Kennedy and his administration. Very interesting book by the way and opens JFK very nicely what sort of person he was and how he was working.

Ok, next thing what I do is writing down my goals. I’m writing goals 1-5 year term goals. I’m doing so each morning without checking any memos or something. I ike this habbit as it pushes me forward and gives my brains regularly these important issues in a bit different form. By the way, this technique is really effective! Then I have a bit time with my wife and daughter before I’m heading to my clinic. Between heading to work and morning hours at work, I’m doing tasks which I have written down last night to my to-do-list. There’s never more than few very important tasks. I’m doing those during the morning hours and finish them by the time it’s my lunch time. After lunch I’m focusing only for patients and on the evening I’m reading at least a bit before heading to bed. No computer or cell phone one hour before it’s a bed time. So, that’s my day. Please leave a comment, questions if you have something in your mind. I love feedback. You can also check the video below about my routines.