I’m offering free workshop for migraineurs. Workshop is a series of guidance and info posts via email. Materials are in text and video form and extremely easy to put on use. Posts are coming to your email account with few days breaks between the posts when you have subscribed at:


My Free Workshop is based on basic key elements of migraine self-care method which I’ve been developed during the last 23 years and taught for migraine sufferers through my clinics. I do hope you enjoy the workshop and leave a comment and feedback as it is very important to me here what are your experiences.

During the Workshop you will learn how to use basic but effective cold therapy, manual self-care which is a definate foundation in the beginning of your brand new life without constant migraine. There’s also some basic breathing exercice advice in the Workshop. All stuff are very easy to take into your everyday life. You don’t need any medical or healthcare training. You don’t either need any special equipment, exclude cold gel packs. All you need is a little bit of your time on a daily basis and willpower to start a new life. The Workshop is definately not to everybody as you need to take some action but doing these stuff really is paying off. Have a great day and enjoy the Workshop!


Check out Free Workshop Video Here