How to take a cold shower?

If you’re beginner of cold shower and cold exposure world, I advice you to take following steps to make your transformation from current life into cold loving creature.

First I advice you to do at least short breathing exercise prior taking a cold shower. You lay down or sitdown comfortable and take fully in through your nostrils and exhale fully through your mouth. Carry out 5-10 minutes exercise and you’ll feel how you’re calm as polar bear and you’re ready plunge under the cold water. While you’re taking off your clothes you’re also making a deep breaths and as soon as water starts to flow over your body you take a several deep inhale-exhale this time through your mouth in both ends. I’d advice you to let the water flow over your upper body and once you’re use to and you don’t experience hyperventilation, you can try out letting cold water flow on to your head as well. This is purely a safety matter.

Another thing is that keep your mind focused on where you’re and breathing. Don’t let it run somewhere else. When you’re determind and focused you’ll start to experience a very cool new habbit which makes you healthier, stronger, beauftiful and cool as a polar bear 😉 Happy showering! Let me know how it goes and leave a comment will you. how to

Cold Shower Demostration