When you are doing breathing exercises and cold showers on a daily basis you are achieving number of great health benefits. These benefits really turn you life towards new healthy and happier level. The cool part of if is that taking this action step each day is basicly free. You only spend a little bit of your time but it really pays off tremendously. So, what are these health benefits?

  1. Your body is cleaning up from the bad stuff
  2. Your heart and blood vessels are getting stronger and your heart will be able to work more effeciently with less effort than before
  3. Leave flu and many other bad stuff behind you
  4. Be Cool Lady or Gent. Troubles and hickups of daily life doesn’t seem so big any more as thanks to cold showers and breathing exercises
  5. Brains are developing the good stuff (Serotonin, Dopamine, Nonadrenaling..)
  6. Get fit. Having a regular cold shower is boosting your metabolism and your white fat is burning
  7. Getting brown fat. Brown fat keeps you warm
  8. You recover from physical exercises faster thanks to cold showers
  9. Your skin and hair gets betters
  10. Hormone and with gents sperm production goes sky high (as high as 491%)
  11. Your mind is more focused and you can go over obstacles more easily