Take Your Giant Jump Reaching Higher Goals!

Think Big, Achieve Big Goals – Coaching Program

Step towards being Successful

Successful people have something in common. They are setting goals, big goals and smaller sub-goals. After setting goals they dicipline themselves to work every day one step at a time towards the goals.

Think Big, Achieve Big Goals helps you to adapt the Think Big attitude, achieve big goals and make it faster than you would ever imagine it is possible.

You will learn how to create great self-development plan which is your road map on your way to gaining bigger and tastier goals.

During the Think Big, Achieve Big Goals coaching program, you will:

  • Knowledge the value of goal setting
  • Clarify your desires and values
  • Set-up for major fields in your life
  • Clear the fear factors
  • Value your goals and set-up action plan

Stay Healthy – Coaching Program

Grab effective easy-to use method how you keep yourself healthy and feel great. 

  • morning routines
  • minibreak exercise for working days
  • power break
  • guide to good stretching
  • breath & repeat
  • off duty exercise choises
  • good night sleep

What’s included:

  • four online coaching sessions led by Jyrki
  • easy-to use manual on all program fields

Coming up in October 2017