Migraine’s Impact

Migraine’s Impact

Migraine is neurological and vascular disorder and its center is our brains. In this sentence is hiding a lot of information when we start to break it down. Nerve’s mission is to transport messages. Each nerve has specific area to handle. Alongside of inflammation on nerver networks which are transporting pain sensation, there is also another impact which is still very widely not well known.

The Messenger and Off Balance

As said, nerver is a messenger and during the migraine attacks there is a extremely unnormal message traffic going on. Due to this feature and error in muscles which are regulating a diameter of blood vessels, the impact of each migraine attack don’t stay only on head area but goes very much elsewhere too. This is why person who gets 3-4 migraine attacks per month is in a risk zone to get also tension headaches and many other negative symptom on musculoskeletal are. Especially neck musculature, upper shoulder and facial muscles are getting a lot of impact. If migraine sufferer do not receive proper help for her on time, the “avalanche” effect start to make side problems bigger and bigger. When these problems (tensions) are getting bigger enough, they are causing a preassure to nerves which are on their area. When nerver doesn’t have a normal space, it’s ability to function is disturbed and result is more pain and wide range of symptoms depending which are we are talking about. Different parts of our body are not just alone in their own place and that’s it. As an interesting sample I want to tell you a little story which happend on this week’s Monday evening. I was treating one gentleman and I used a simple manual relief technique to treat area between his left hand’s thumb and index finger. Very promply his right foot’s hubby toe and second toe started to cramp. The same thing happend also when I briefly checked the other arm, this time of course his left foot’s first two toes started to cramp. This little story describes nicely that our body and different part of it are connected to each other with a fascinating way, they’re not out there alone.



How To Start Your Day?

How To Start Your Day?

Do you ever feel that your morning’s are from hell and totall chaos at the best? Then you rush to work or studies and feel like shit? Then at the work or your studies, you’re feeling not very energectic and productive as you’d like and you’d need to. I know how you feel, been there done that. it’s terrible!

When I was a teenage athlete, I started to run light morning exercises in the morning. Usually it was just a short 30 – 45 minutes run and stretching. It gave a great jump start for the brand new day. Many years later when my mornings were chaotic, I felt physically and emotionally bad and very much unproductive, I took a moment and look back in my life and realized that I haven’t done morning exercices for ages! Right away I started that habbit again and it felt great! Nowdays I can’t run anymore I’m afraid but I either do walk exercice or breathing exercise and cold shower session. Then I’m having a breakfast and read some book about hour or two. Usually I’m reading business related book which gives me inspiration and can boost some new ideas what to do. At the moment I’m reading book about John F. Kennedy and his administration. Very interesting book by the way and opens JFK very nicely what sort of person he was and how he was working.

Ok, next thing what I do is writing down my goals. I’m writing goals 1-5 year term goals. I’m doing so each morning without checking any memos or something. I ike this habbit as it pushes me forward and gives my brains regularly these important issues in a bit different form. By the way, this technique is really effective! Then I have a bit time with my wife and daughter before I’m heading to my clinic. Between heading to work and morning hours at work, I’m doing tasks which I have written down last night to my to-do-list. There’s never more than few very important tasks. I’m doing those during the morning hours and finish them by the time it’s my lunch time. After lunch I’m focusing only for patients and on the evening I’m reading at least a bit before heading to bed. No computer or cell phone one hour before it’s a bed time. So, that’s my day. Please leave a comment, questions if you have something in your mind. I love feedback. You can also check the video below about my routines.


Cold Showers and Breathing Exercises Paying Off

Cold Showers and Breathing Exercises Paying Off

When you are doing breathing exercises and cold showers on a daily basis you are achieving number of great health benefits. These benefits really turn you life towards new healthy and happier level. The cool part of if is that taking this action step each day is basicly free. You only spend a little bit of your time but it really pays off tremendously. So, what are these health benefits?

  1. Your body is cleaning up from the bad stuff
  2. Your heart and blood vessels are getting stronger and your heart will be able to work more effeciently with less effort than before
  3. Leave flu and many other bad stuff behind you
  4. Be Cool Lady or Gent. Troubles and hickups of daily life doesn’t seem so big any more as thanks to cold showers and breathing exercises
  5. Brains are developing the good stuff (Serotonin, Dopamine, Nonadrenaling..)
  6. Get fit. Having a regular cold shower is boosting your metabolism and your white fat is burning
  7. Getting brown fat. Brown fat keeps you warm
  8. You recover from physical exercises faster thanks to cold showers
  9. Your skin and hair gets betters
  10. Hormone and with gents sperm production goes sky high (as high as 491%)
  11. Your mind is more focused and you can go over obstacles more easily
Migraine Treatment With Experience And Heart

Migraine Treatment With Experience And Heart

Jyrki Mäkelä has a very personal relationship with migraines. His migraine headaches started in the early 90s whilst a student at the Eastern Finland Sport Institute, at which time his passion for understanding and
managing this disorder, to improve quality of life, was born.

Migraine is a hereditary neurological disorder mostly affecting women, although men and children might also experience this disease. Some 15% of the global population suffers from migraines. This disorder, or rather spectrum of disorders, often takes root in childhood, but it may also develop in adult age, as in the case of Borreliosis (Lyme disease) which can offset a migraine disorder. Common migraine symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and sensitivity to light. The intensity of symptoms varies from moderate to severe, often having a debilitating effect on the person’s quality of life.

The recurrent and chronic nature of the disorder prompted Jyrki on a quest to develop non-medicinal migraine treatments. His background as a licensed massage therapist equipped him to experiment with techniques he had learned from one of his teachers in the Sport Institute. It took 15 years of testing different techniques and
myth busting about migraine to create his method. Jyrki was systematically analyzing the impact of migraine on the human body and documenting the experiences of patients, in order to dive deep into the nature of this
disease and discover what triggers it, fuels it, and affects the duration of an attack. Finally, in 2010 Jyrki began offering migraine treatment, later known as CMT Method, as a standalone treatment for patients. Soon it transpired that, that while effective in alleviating symptoms in milder forms of migraine, the CMT Method was inadequate for achieving permanent results with chronic migraine sufferers. During next several
years, Jyrki kept on developing the treatment further by studying the nervous system in greater depth, reviewing the outcome of treatments and aspiring for a more holistic approach. As a result, a new more efficient and effective method, Migraine Rapid, debuted in spring 2014.

Since its first trials Migraine Rapid proved to be immensely more successful in attaining better, faster and more effective results. The time required to stop an acute attack reduced from 45-60 minutes to 15 minutes, and the
time required for achieving long lasting effects in chronic cases of migraine reduced from a few months to 2-4 weeks.

Currently Blue Bear Clinic accepts patients at his clinic in central Helsinki. Jyrki and his team work together with medical experts to provide better help to their patients. Due to the effective results of the Migraine Rapid, the treatment can also be applied to people suffering from borreliosis (Lyme disease). One of Jyrki’s most distinguished success stories involves a patient, wheelchair-bound because of borreliosis. Now she has been able to get out of her wheelchair and has started moving on her own accord again.

Jyrki and his team work from a very client friendly standpoint, in which each individual as such and not a case, and their stories are heard and understood with the appropriate care and attention. Being pummeled by
medical jargon at the clinic is unheard of rather the therapist speaks in a manner comprehendible to the average Joe. Additionally, every patient walks out of the clinic with a set of self-care instructions in pocket. Jyrki has one more ace up his sleeve: he feels that if you can laugh at your own situation, half the battle is already won.

Story By Anna Paldanius