About Jyrki

Jyrki Mäkelä

My goal is to help you set and gain higher goals and live healthy life regardless of your career and age.

During early days of career I faced major setback in a form of serious back injury. Recovering from the injury and discovering a path to beat terrible migraine gave me a hard lesson of health, power of mind and plenty of perspective.

Till the back injury I had all plans only in my head. In some fields I gained success but otherwise I had what I call buff goals, a day dreams of goals. Finally at one day I realized that I need to change my way of working and living. I started to study time management, improving my personal skills one area at a time. When I started to make changes, my stress went down, I was able to control it no matter what is going on. My professional skills and career also went to the whole new level.

By taking right type of development steps you can turn your life and career 365 degree to more rewarding and better direction. With the very same techniques and methods which I am using, you can too reach higher and more sweet goals and have a life of your dream.

Facts and Figures of Jyrki

  • 31 000 and accounting manual pain care sessions since 1995
  • Helped thousands of people to get rid of and manage their pain, body and mind
  • Developed three manual migraine methods and self-care method
  • Practiced mental training and visualization for 30 years
  • Managed and participated companies and business projects worth of  18 million euro
  • Keeps studying and learning new skills minimum of three hours each day
  • Jyrki was born in 1974 for farmer family
  • Married and have daughter