Become a Migraine Survivor

Migraine Survivor arms you with the latest and the most advanced method to win the battle against migraine – and develop a healthy and great lifestyle.



Migraineadviser is a company providing online self-care coaching services for people suffering from migraine.


For whom?

My services are suitable both for chronic and non-chronic migraine sufferers who are motivated to take action and perform self-care missions.


Migraine Survivor consists of video and text form manual self-care, cold therapy, breathing exercices and mental training.

Life with migraine can be easy!

Migraine Self-Care

Would you like to be themaster of your own migraine? Together it is very possible. Our online courses include all the effective, safe, and easy-to-use tools to deter migraine attacks, as well as preventative measures.

Quick help for acute migraine

Manual self-care, cold therapy, breathing exercises and mental training. I’m offering a wide range of tools for you, so you can cope in any situation, being at home, at work, abroad or on the go.

The way out of chronic migraine

Despite its nasty nature, chronic migraine need not to harass you your whole life. Chronic state migraine just requires a more intensive treatment and a bit more time and patience than mild migraines.

Online Self-Care Coaching for Migraineurs

Migraine Survivor is the right self-care training program for you, if you are suffering from migraine and want to manage your own body and mind, rather than letting your migraine manage you. When you start self-care with Migraine Survivor, you get:

  • Video based self-care guide instructions: manual self-care, cold therapy, breathing exercises and mental training
  • Text instructions
  • Closed community forum access
  • Q & A events online during the 90 days program
About Migraineadviser

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Jyrki Mäkelä

Leading Coach and Founder


Jyrki has helped thousands of people suffering from migraine, other neurological headaches and MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) during his healthcare career.

Being a migraineur himself, jyrki dedicated 23 years of his practice to research and developing migraine care methods for clinical and self-care usage.


Denise Dougherty

My 17 years desperate search of proper migraine care ended when I found Jyrki. The self-care method he introduced to me has been a real life changer. Thank you!

Theresa L.

I was suffering from a chronic migraine for six years and my life was total nightmare and mostly pain and puking my guts out. In 2015 I went to get help from Jyrki in Helsinki. He is absolutely the best and also the only migraine specialist who has managed to help me. His self-care method is really cool, easy and it’s working so well. I do hope as many as possible migraine sufferer will try this method.

Charlotte K.

Our daughter Mona received such a fantastic care and guidance from Jyrki in 2017. Our daughter’s life was filled with terrible migraines almost on daily basis when we went to see Jyrki. Now she almost forgot about her migraine and also knows how to block its attack if it comes. Thank you for giving life back to our Mona!